How to Use Android Device to Browse PC Files

What if you are sitting on your couch and want to see a video or image stored on your PC in your android device? Of-course you can do this easily on your mobile phone with the simple tip. In our previous post we mention about how to

Recover Lot of Space on Android With CCleaner App

In an android device you can store lots of your data like images, video, files etc. Most Android devices have two different storage space, Internal drive and external drive. In these drive you can store all your personal files, but this will take so much space on

Guide to Root Xperia Z2 and Install CWM on It

Xperia Z2 is the latest device from the Sony mobiles. According to the specs it’ll be 127.6 x 65.5 mm and powered with Snapdragon 801 CPU; 5.25-inch 1080p screen; Android 4.4 Kitkat. The smartphone was announced in February 2014 and released in March. If you recently bought

How to Share Your Android Mobile Apps with your Friends

In an android smartphone you can easily share your files and contents with your friends. To share file you can use the android features like Bluetooth, Sharing apps, Wifi, Cloud, email etc. But to transfer the installed application to your friend is a difficult task, In android

Simple Guide to Root Nokia X, X+ & XL Android Mobile Phone

With the Nokia X+ phone, Nokia entered in the Android mobile world. The new device comes with some peppy new colors and with affordable price tag. Today on this guide we’ll show you how you can easily root he new Nokia X, X+ & XL android devices.