Add Android Jelly Bean Lock Screen On Your iPhone

If you an iPhone user and want to try the Android Jelly bean lock screen on iPhone, now you can add android jelly bean lock screen on your iPhone easily. Thanks to Jelly Bean lock screen Max Katzmann, who comes with the new jailbreak tweak that allows you to add Android lock screen on your iPhone. The tweak is so popular that it’s been downloaded over 19,000 times already by the iPhone jailbreak users. If you are diehard apple fan and want to try this new lock screen on your iPhone, than read our complete guide here how to get Android Jelly Bean Lock Screen On iPhone.

Currently the tweak is available only for the jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch users, you can download it from the Cydia Store in a free beta. Not only the tweak helps you to add the lock screen on your device, but you can also customize the look of the lock screen from the settings menu of the tweak, You can do so many change such as add application shortcuts on lock screen, change the theme of lock-screen and more.

The tweak is free to use and it can be downloaded from, to install be sure to add the developer’s repository to your Cydia app first.. Once you install the tweak on your Jail broken iPhone, you can see the new Android jelly bean lock screen on your iPhone screen. Now you can see the new lock on your device, to unlock you screen now you have to drag the edge of a circle on your Lock screen to unlock your device. Check out the screenshot below:-


As we mention above above that you can also customize the lock screen as per your need. From the setting of the tweak you can change the color of the theme and wallpaper of lock screen. Here you can find lots of pre installed theme, which you can change from the setting menu and change the look of your iPhone lock screen.

JellyLock Theme Settings
JellyLock Theme Settings

You can also add application shortcut on the your Lock screen from the settings, go to the JellyLock Settings > App Shortcuts. Here you can see the list of application which are installed on your iPhone, just select the application from this list which you want to add on your new Android Jelly bean lock screen . With these app shortcuts user can launch any installed iOS application from the lock screen quickly and easily.

Jelly Lock App Shortcuts
Jelly Lock App Shortcuts

Check out the video of Jelly Lock:-

Download it and give it a try on your iPhone. A awesome way to give your iPhone the Android Jellybean lock screen look. For for iPhone tips, Join our Facebook page here and get daily updates on your Facebook.

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